The Ultimate guide to become a full stack web developer in 3 easy steps

The beginning of your career as a full stack web developer should be what Stack you want to learn, figuring out the order of stack and how you are going to learn it.

Step 1– What Stack you should learn- There are several programming languages to make web applications, but Javascript Stacks are specifically used for web applications. Mainly there are two types of JS stack to make full stack web applications MEAN & MERN.

1-MongoDB- Database Technology

2-ExpressJs- Framework for Server-side of web application

3-AngularJs & ReactJs- AngularJs is Complete framework for client-side & ReactJs is Javascript library

4-Node.js- Platform to build the server-side web application.

Broadly the only difference in MEAN & MERN is Client-side framework AngularJS & ReactJS.

Step 2- Let’s say you want to learn MERN stack,

Now what’s the order of learning MERN stack if you don’t know anything about coding.

1-Learn Html & CSS

2-Learn the basics of javascript

3-Learn ReactJs

4-Learn Basics of Node.js

5-Learn building API with node/express and connect it with database technology MongoDB

6-Learn how to make an HTTP request from your react app to your API.


Step 3- A little overwhelming, I know, but don’t worry the reason I wrote this blog is to make all that process easier, So last and most important step how you gonna learn it.

1-Boring WayRead a book cover to cover on each topic to clear the basics and then practice in the text editor. 

2-Fun WayLearn from full stack udemy courses which will teach you to build real web applications.

3-Best way- The best way is a combination of boring and fun way, clear your basics from books, do a little practice and hover to the udemy course and build the real web application.

I have given you all the steps to become a full-stack web developer, but nothing is gonna happen until you step out of faith and put your best foot forward.

You have to trust the process, So, let’s get started…….

Tanisk Jha

Mission-Driven Self taught Software Developer with a passion for thoughtful UI Design, collaboration and writing.

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