Step by Step plan that will Get You From ZERO to PASSING a coding interview (at Google, Facebook, Amazon)

Which of these do you agree with?

1- Google, Amazon, and Facebook only hire from top colleges.

2- You can Pass a Coding Interview at Big tech companies through enough practice, whatever your starting point.

3- By failing to prepare, you’re preparing for fail.

“If you agreed with the first statement, you should Stop reading it Now.

If you agreed with the last two, you can continue reading…

Now that Others have left let’s talk about How you can go From ZERO to passing a coding interview at Big tech Companies (Like Google, Facebook, Amazon)

But Before We move on to that lets First talk a little about How to Land an interview with Big tech companies.

Step 1 – How to Land an interview with Big Tech companies.

In general, there are two ways of doing it:

Online application – There’s an unspoken rule in the tech industry that online applications have only a 5% chance of success.

I don’t recommend this approach unless you really have no other way of getting in.

Referral – Referral is the best way to Break into Big Tech Companies,

According to a survey by Jobvite Index,  39.9% of a company’s hires were through employee referrals.

If You don’t know how to get a referral, then read this Blog on How to network.

Step 2 – How to Pass the Job interview:-

These are the 5 steps Process that will prepare you from Zero to Breaking into Big tech Companies

1 – Solve All 160 Edabit very Easy Problems && 60 Easy One.

2- Solve All 8 kyu and 7 kyu Fundamental Questions of Codewars.

3 – Take Stephen Grider The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures

4 – Read And Solve Cracking the Coding Interview Book By Gayle Laakmann McDowell

5 – Keep Practicing on Hackerrank and Leetcode till you get hired.

Closing Notes– I recommend You to Must Read these 3 Books If you really want to Be over Prepared.

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